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Ban Ki-moon (Ban Ki-moon), the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General

And the Convention on cluster munitions, WCRP long, we have a number of initiatives related to disarmament.
In this global age, the youth campaign effort that religions are welcome.
Mutual support networks are important to this campaign disarmament activities, please help to strengthen.
Handa Takashi eminence淳天台座主
(ARMS DOWN! Excerpts from the words of the campaign after it was signed.)

We finally feel like the growing movement for nuclear abolition. Last year, this remark Nasari Obama, echoing in our world do not have this. 貰Wa Nobel Peace Prize is also a voice that was second this year, I think I made great progress.
But still, we are receiving a great tragedy for the Japanese mission is not that it needs nuclear power to appeal anyway. (Omitted) from my father too, this movement Preceded by (WCRP) to expand, and Yattekimashi from parent to child, and ever since, now that our place a little over 90, this movement means to expand significantly to our friends around the world and sincerely hope to Dearimasu to become such a big movement.
Now, if you ask, this movement (ARMS DOWN! Campaign) that we give to those in need omitted for the war by our great support for this very worthy purpose. Out in the world that we are of course Japan should take the lead. WCRP particular bon appétit Shimashi will be a greeting and ask that you working with people of great momentum.

Honorary director of the Saint Luke’s International Hospital Director重明Hino Hara
(Excerpts from the words provided at the hospital)


Originally a life which is all we are given. Suicidal behavior, such as damage to your own life, but of course it is bad, and hurt other people’s life, that is that even though we would not now true, and the escalating nuclear arms .
From idealism that is to say just how much Obama, it’s a reality, not holding hands We should pay people worldwide. Not only in Japan we’ll have that connect you to get countries around the world. And in one respect. “Peace,” to seek. I like that the time to climb the mountain in the Alps ‥ ‥, but are a vicious top guys, the foot as being connected by rope, with a bond that connects the rope to ride the world’s people, and the top of the Peace I think it is necessary to move toward.
Conference in September in Nara (WCRP event 40th) I will have to, to feel that way so far, exciting everyone is much more I can cause psychomotor large and sincerely hope I I would like to participate in it as well. Whether you can, please participate in this campaign whether. Thank you.

Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba
(In front of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome: ARMS DOWN! Excerpts from the words of the campaign after it was signed.)


ARMS DOWN! For the purpose, though, not to say to me, all the weapons, which is DOWN from that place to the ground. We used to dismantle the peace for it. I think this is the world’s religious leaders who dream of a long time. The only philosophy that is not, you collect signatures in the form of this kind that up, let’s have a specific force in the political arena through such organizations such as the Mayors for Peace, we for example, to move the United Nations, and bring about the elimination of nuclear weapons first.Furthermore, we all lose from this world war. Have such a big goal, you’re all move forward step by step concrete And I think very good work.
Victims of Hiroshima, we also experienced this you bomb survivors in Nagasaki, and came out from the “let anyone feel like this is not” in order to realize the hope, now with you I also want to work hard.


Dr. William F. Vendley, Secretary General

Religions for Peace

Mayor of Nagasaki Tagami Huku
(ARMS DOWN! Words of the campaign after it was signed.)


ARMS DOWN! Come everyone working on the campaign, Tagami Huku name is the mayor of Nagasaki.Bombed areas utmost of our citizens toward a world free of nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons convey the reality of the world, and the effort to visit as soon as possible and a world free of nuclear weapons. As our friends, everyone that kindly working on campaigns hard but are very happy.
Just not our generation, our kids, even for those not yet born, and great to leave the earth, we work hard together hand in hand with us. This campaign really, I would like best. We also do my best.

Global Youth Network WCRP International Youth Committee (IYC) Committee
Rutamubuue Mirindi Eric (Christian Congo)


For survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, represent a deep and profound condolences. To something like this happening again, we also collect signatures fullest. We are together. This way, as if it is up to 10,000 miles, you may feel far away. But we live in Africa, are hoping that collect signatures for the abolition of nuclear weapons. All countries, Japan has sent a message to wish a world without nuclear weapons.

Global Youth Network WCRP International Youth Committee (IYC) Committee
Patipan Paranisuwami (Hinduism, India)


Petition is made in Japan many, I heard that the signature gathering. Africa and Latin America also has a good network for collecting signatures. India is still at it in advance. So India, I would like to cooperate together with Japan and Singapore. I must collect a million signatures in all countries, Japan has already achieved one million. India and other countries, and I want to continue to Japan, Japan is ready to be followed. Let us together!

WCRP Global Youth Network
Omar Haramyi (Christian Palestine)


We love the Japanese. We studied the business models of Japan and universities. You are the person who brought us sun. Who gave me a rainbow it to us. The only Japanese in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and those who have received exposure, and people working for it. We will work on together in the back of everybody. And sometimes you are step and stopped, we press your back. I’ll try together.

Global Youth Network WCRP International Youth Committee (IYC) Committee
Scalia el sofa (Islamic Argentina)


Everybody’s activities in Japan is a good role model for people around the world, but also encouragement for us. In particular, the nuclear issue in Latin America, but there are many other problems. And support your activities, for example for Latin America is very important.

Global Youth Network WCRP International Youth Committee (IYC) Committee
Azabu Lama (Islamic France)


I think everyone in Japan already has to do his best. I received a comforting way. But if the Japanese people to be encouraging …. You must continue to progress. , Because that encourages other members of your community. Everyone is a role model. Although the Japanese people to see that everyone, every time I want to succeed you can have. It could, and. Other areas of Japan you are pulling me the other network. And members of the world behind you. So please go on. We also continue.

Global Youth Network WCRP International Youth Committee (IYC) Chairman
Murai Stella Maris (Christian Kenya)


During the last few years, an increasing number of young friends around the world religions in each country or region, the end of hostilities and conflicts, mediation activities, we have a commitment to poverty and human rights. This campaign against such problems is to take action to colleagues around the world simultaneously. Surely a better world, we believe that beauty can be changed.

President Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica Republic of RMB


Gautama Buddha was asked whether and how do I solve people’s suffering, which all things come and go but, realized that it is incomplete. Muhammad is to believe, St. Francis pleaded the importance of forgiveness. And move your eyes to reality, even though we have sought a peaceful world, still currently experiencing unnecessary pain and armed violence. The new order must be built now what. Here, in order to achieve peace, you are kindly gathered from around the world who belong to religious youth various religious denominations.
“Religions for Peace”. The voices of your actions is very important now. I think everyone here will have mutual respect already. But I would like to think again. To build a peaceful world is to make our own peace of mind first, it is important that they will change themselves, and.
Reduce your arms and violence, hatred of others from trying to reduce people’s minds, with a strong desire to build peace, We hope you will continue to act. Each religion is taught, allowing the opponent to please and understand the importance of the spiritual person. I hope I want to be with you too.
In his campaign launch ceremony ※ 2009/11.7 (then president) from speech

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